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  • DKDP Crystals for EO Applications
  • DKDP Crystals for EO Applications

DKDP Crystals for EO Applications

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Modules or Types:

A variety types of crystals are available upon your request:

  1. Crystal boules with inspection polishing
  2. Crystal blanks with inspection polishing
  3. Crystals with laser grade polishing
  4. Crystals with AR coating and Cr-Au electrode



Crystal Materials DKDP crystals (deuteration level >98%) Typical Diameter 6mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm; 15mm
Diameter Tolerance +/-0.1mm Length Tolerance +/-0.2mm
Surface Quality 20/10 S/D Parallelism <20 arc seconds
Flatness < Lambda/10 @633nm Chamfer 0.1-0.3mmx45°
Chips <0.15mm Fine ground <0.15mm
Orientation Tolerance  < 10 arc minutes Wavefront Distortion  <Lambda/8@633nm
Extinction Ratio >2000:1 Coating AR/AR@1064nm or customized
Damaging Threshold  >800mW/cm^2@1064nm 10nS 10Hz pulse Electrode on Side Surface Chrome gold electrode (Cr+Au)
Quarter Wave Voltage ~3.4KV


Physical and Optical Parameters:

Chemical Formula KD2P Curie Temperature 222K
Symmetry 42m Density 2.355g/cm3
Absorption 0.005/cm Extinction Ratio 1:10000
Deuterium Ratio 98.05%--99.05% Transmission Band 200-1600nm
Non-linear Coefficient d36=0.40pm/v Longitudinal Half-wave Voltage 2.98KV(I=546nm)
Electric Resistance >2x109Ω/cm Electric-optical Coefficient r41=8.8pm/v,r63=25pm/v

KD*P or DKDP crystals are widely used in Q-switching applications at wavelength range from 0.25µm to approximately 1.1 µm,If the deuterium content is higher the absorption edge of the material is shifted further into the infrared. KD*P crystal with a deuterium content >98% can be used up to 1.3μm. KD*P can be grown with high optical uniformity and is therefore recommended for large apertures. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the DKDP crystals of high deuteration (>98%) for KD*P pockels cells applications, the customized blanks, polished crystals and the AR coating and Cr-Au electroded crystal components are available upon your request. 
Wavelength range from 0.25µm to 1.3µm 
High deuteration >98% 
Large aperture