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  • Plano-concave Cylindrical Lenses
  • Plano-concave Cylindrical Lenses

Plano-concave Cylindrical Lenses

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Type Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses Material BK7,UVFS, ZnSe, CaF2, Ge, Sapphire
Clear Aperture >90% Size Tolerance +0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm Surface Irregularity λ/2 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality 40/20 S/D Paraxial Focal Length ±2% @587.6nm
Chamfer 0.2mm x 45 degree

A cylindrical lens is a lens which focuses light into a line instead of a point, as a spherical lens would. Plano-concave cylindrical lenses are designed to expand the light, it can be supplied in either diameter or rectangular shape for ease of mounting. Plano-cave cylindrical lenses are useful for laser line generation, anamorphic beam shaping and one-dimensional compression of images. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO provide the custom plano-concave cylindrical lenses upon customer’s request.