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Super Polished Substrates and Mirrors

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Material Specifications ZnSe ,ZnS Ge,Si,CaF2, MgF2,AMTIR Fused Silica, Zerodur Sapphire
Diameter up to Φ300mm up to Φ300mm up to Φ350mm up to Φ300mm
PV PV≤0.1λ @ 632.8nm PV≤0.1λ @ 632.8nm PV≤0.1λ @ 632.8nm PV≤0.15λ @ 632.8nm
rms rms≤0.02λ @ 632.8nm rms≤0.02λ @ 632.8nm rms≤0.02λ @ 632.8nm rms≤0.03λ @ 632.8nm
Roughness ≤0.2nm ≤0.2nm ≤0.1nm ≤0.5nm


Roughness of Super-polished Surface Measured by Atom Force Microscope (AFM)
(Fused Silica Substrate with Diameter 200mm, Ra=0.28nm)

Flatness of Super Polished Surface Measure by Zygo Interference Instrument
(Fused Silic Substrate of Diameter 300mm, PV=0.101 Wave @633nm)

Super polished substrates or mirrors are necessary for some demanding applications like DUV (deep ultraviolet) lasers, ultra-high power laser systems and ring laser gyroscopes. Shalom EO offers the super-polished mirrors or substrates, with extra high flatness, roughness and surface quality, a variety of substrate materials are available for customer's selection.


  • DUV (deep ultra-violet) lasers
  • Laser system of ultra-high energy density
  • Ring laser gyroscopes