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  • GAGG(Ce) Scintillators
  • GAGG(Ce) Scintillators

GAGG(Ce) Scintillators

  • No hygroscopic
  • High light output
  • High energy resolution
  • Fast decay time
  • High uniformity

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Basic Properties:

Wavelength Range (nm) 475 – 800 Density (g/cm3) 6.63
Hygroscopicity No Melting Point (ºC) 1850
Hardness (Mhos) 8Mhos Decay Time (ns) ≤88 ns
Solubility N/A Refractive Index (nm) 1.9 @540nm
Light Yield (photons/MeV) 57000 Energy Resolution 5.2%@662keV


GAGG(Ce) scintillator crystals have the following issues which should be noted:
Light emission has a good part above 500nm, a region where photomultipliers are less sensitive
GAGG(Ce) scintillator crystals are useful in diverse applications such as:
Medical Imaging - PET, PEM, SPECT and CT
Specialist applications in high energy, nuclear, space and medical physics



Growth Method Czochralski Maximum Dimension Ø 60 mm x 150 mm
Available Items Single crystal and arrays

GAGG(Ce) - Gadolinium Aluminium Gallium Garnet (Gd₃Al₂Ga₃O₁₂), doped with Ce is a newly developed scintillator. It is one of the brightest available scintillators with an emission peak at 520nm. GAGG(Ce) has good stopping power, is physically rugged and well suited to a broad range of applications. GAGG(Ce) has best light output in all series of oxide crystal. Besides, it has good energy resolution, High density, non-selfradiation, Non- hygroscopic. It's widely used in ToF-PET, PEM, SPECT, CT , X-ray &Gamma ray detection.

Application Notes:
This material can be used in the following fields:

  • Nuclear medicine detector
  • Radiation detector
  • Oil detection equipment
  • Security check equipment
  • High energy physical