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GaSb Crystals and Substrates


  • Substrate for infrared optical fiber transmission lasers and detectors
  • Potential application in microwave devices

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Material GaSb single crystal Orientation <100>
Crystal Structure Cube Density 5.53g/cm3
Melt Point 712℃ Bandgap(@300 K) 0.67eV

10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm,

D50.8x0.5mm, D76.2x0.5mm

Surface Roughness Ra≤5Å
Polishing SSP (single surface polished) or
DSP (double surface polished)
Package 1000 grade clean room, 100 grade bags


Chemical Properties of GaSb Crystal:

Single Crystal Doped Conduction Type Carrier Concentration Mobility Ratio Dislocation Density
GaSb / P (1-2)×1017 600-700 <1x104
GaSbZn P (5-100)x1017 200-500 <1x104
GaSb Te N (1-20)x1017 2000-3500 <1x104


The lattice constant of GaSb matches well with each ternary, quaternary and III-V compound solid solution in the bandgap of 0.8~4.3μm, which make it a good substrate material used in infrared optical fiber transmission. With high lattice restricted mobility than GaAs, GaSb is expected to have good prospects in the field of microwave.