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Ge(Germanium) Crystals and Substrates

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Orientation <100>, <110>, <111>±0.5º Size(mm) 10x3, 10x5, 10x10, 15x15, 20x15, 20x20
dia2” x 0.33mm dia2” x 0.43mm 15 x 15 mm
Thickness 0.5mm, 1.0mm Polishing SSP (single surface polished) or
DSP (double surface polished)
Ra ≤5Å(5µm×5µm)


Basic Properties:

Growth Method Czochralski Crystal Structure M3
Lattice Constant a=5.65754 Å Density 5.323g/cm3
Melt Point 937.4℃
Doped Material No doped Sb-doped Ga –doped
Type / N P
Resistivity >35Ωcm 0.05Ωcm 0.05~0.1Ωcm
EPD <4×103∕cm2 <4×103∕cm2 <4×103∕cm2

Pure germanium is a semiconductor. Germanium can be doped with 5-valent elements such as phosphorus, arsenic and antimony (N-type) or 3-valued elements such as boron , aluminum , gallium and indium ( P-type ) and is used extensively as a semiconductor . Germanium is also a good material for infrared optical devices and solar cell substrates.