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  • LiAlO2 Crystal and Substrates
  • LiAlO2 Crystal and Substrates

LiAlO2 Crystal and Substrates

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Size(mm) 10×3, 10×5, 10×10, 15×15, 20×15, 20×20
Ф15, Ф20, Ф1″, Ф2″, Ф2.6″
Thickness 0.5mm,1.0mm
Orientation <100>, <001> Orientation Tolerance ±0.5°
Angle of Crystalline Special size and orientation are available upon request Redirection the Edge 2°(special in 1°)
Surface Roughness ≤5Å(5µm×5µm) Polishing SSP (single surface polished) or
DSP (double surface polished)


Basic Properties:

Crystal Structure M4 Lattice Constant a=5.17 Å c=6.26 Å
Melt Point(℃) 1900 Density 2.62 g/cm3
Hardness 7.5(mohs) Color and Appearance Transparent

LiAlO2 single crystal is a potential substrate for III-V nitride thin films, the lattice mismatch between LiAlO2 and GaN is only 1.4%. LiAlO2 substrate was stable enough to stand the high-temperature reductive atmosphere. Single-oriented GaN film can be grown on LiAlO2 substrates without using low-temperature buffer layers. Hangzhou Shalom EO can supply LiAlO2 wafer up to 2” in diameter.